Afghan Shiites commemorate start of Moharram for Imam Hossein
Magazine article on Liberalism in Dari

I’ll post more, after I’m out of the country, but I had quite an a productive day today. Just two pics for today:

Afghan Shi’a commemorating the start of Moharram and the martyrdom of the Imam Hossein.

A magazine on libertarianism and individual rights in Dari.


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  1. Tom G. Palmer

    I know the editors. It ceased publication for a while, but will be revived. The new organization with which I’m working is the Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization. I’ll post more information later to contact them. They work in Dari and in Pashto.

  2. I posted this information on my (little) french blog, here is what I wrote :
    Amazing discovery by Tom Palmer during his trip to Afghanistan: a magazine about libertarianism and individual rights (see his photo below cons). Its publication is currently suspended, but it seems that the organization behind the project, Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization, would soon restart it. It works in the cities called Dari and Pashto in Afghanistan. More informations to come.

  3. Tom G. Palmer

    I should have been a bit more precise in my language (but I was rushing). Dari and Pashto are the primary languages of Afghanistan. I met with the editor this afternoon and they hope in a few months to start publishing again.

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