I love pomegranates. They are wonderful. Maybe even my favorite fruit. I just wish that they were easier to eat.

Well, my colleague Peshwaz Faizulla (from Iraqi Kurdistan) and my colleague Austin Petersen (from Missouri) made a nice video showing how to do it. I bought some pomegranates on the road from Jalalabad to Kabul yesterday and today used my wicked sharp Gerber/Applegate pocket knife to do as Peshwaz had instructed. It was great!

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  1. I like it too !
    We have a lot of pomegranate ( trees ) in our family farm in Algeria !
    In french it la Grenade, in Kabyle : Erreman !
    You can eat it with Couscous Nature juste couscous seeds ! It’s awesome :).
    Take Care monsieur Palmer.

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