Students for Liberty — They Deserve Our Support

SFL flyer

I’ve been remiss in not doing this earlier, but I just sent in my donation to Students for Liberty, a group that’s doing a really outstanding job on college campuses to promote the values of liberty, including toleration, peace, free enterprise, freedom of speech, limited government, and the rule of law. It’s a very fine group of young people and I’m proud to support them. I hope you will, too! I’ve spoken at several of their conferences and I can attest to the high caliber of the participants, the seriousness with which they take their generation’s task of preserving and advancing freedom, and the quality of the organization’s leadership.

And they’re very clever with the internet, so they’ve made it quite easy to send in donations online. Even a small donation will make a big difference to a group of college students who are working to advance the interest of all of us in liberty.)

But wait…If you’re in college or high school and don’t have the money to donate, you should join. It will open the door to a whole world of ideas, friendships, opportunities, and adventures.

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  1. They were formed independently (I think that SFL was formed first) and have similar missions and cooperate on a number of projects, but work independently. YAL is, I think, more political in orientation, and SFL is more educational. (But I’m not sure that they would describe themselves that way.)

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