“Energy Independence”….

John Stossel on Energy Independence

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3 Responses to ““Energy Independence”….”

  1. Tristan Band

    Awesome Bastiat reference at the end of the clip; ending the first segment on a great zinger. Send my regards to Mr. Stossel, ask him to do more libertarian style references. (A little Heinlein would be nice, esp. references to The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and Stranger in a Strange Land.)

  2. Stossel deftly addresses the issue of concentrated benefits with disperse costs, although he should have emphasized it more strongly.

    The $10 billion figure that Pickens throws out, works out to be about $33 per individual in the USA; call it $100 per household.

    Wull, shyoot, meester! I’d be happy with only $10 outta each o’ y’all!

    It is precisely this kind of death-by-a-thousand-slashes thinking that has gotten California into the mess that it is in.

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