An Eventful Feline Evening

I noticed that Wolly (short for Wollstonecraft) was a bit droopy, which can be caused by high levels of potassium attendant upon kidney problems (which she has had for some years now), and as I’m heading out of town for a bit, I asked whether I should take her for a checkup. I got advice and decided to do so; it was quite an experience. Besides the trauma of the tests (which she dealt with quite Stoically, despite clearly hating them), getting back was terrible. No taxis (I paid a taxi driver twice the normal rate to drive me there). At all. So I went out with her completely bundled up in her carrier, with extra blankets inside and completely enclosed on the outside, through a serious blizzard to the Metro, which was still working, then found no taxis on the other end, but paid $22 to a carful of El Salvadoran restaurant workers to drive us, jammed in the back, the 8 perilous blocks to our place. Whew. She was glad to be back. (And she’s fine; test results all good, but she may be in a little pain from the infusions she gets daily, so I’m getting something for that.)

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