A Few Random Pics from Moscow and St. Petersburg

Note the “Ice Bar” at the bottom….. a nice way to get a sip of ice cold vodka outside. Brrrr…..

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2 Responses to “A Few Random Pics from Moscow and St. Petersburg”

  1. Unfortunately, I have to give my presentations in English. For a few of them there was translation (and very well done, by a well prepared translator). I also am fairly well practiced at speaking clearly, at a slow pace, and with an internal monitor always running to be sure I don’t use slang, jargon, or technical terms without explaining them very carefully.

    I gave talks at the Higher School of Economics, the offices of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, the Academy of National Economy, and the European University at St. Petersburg.

    You may notice, from my talk at the Academy of National Economy, the copies of my book “Realizing Freedom”: http://tomgpalmer.com/wp-content/uploads/Lecture-at-High-School-of-Economics.jpg . They went over well, I’m pleased to say.

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