Back in DC and working on some exciting projects…

I got back from Bulgaria veerrryyy late Saturday night, after an ugly experience with the INS folks [one of them, to be precise], and am working on several exciting projects that we will be releasing over the next weeks.

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  1. Sorry for the delay…I’ve been quite busy from morning ’til, well, morning.

    I think that INS is a part of the so-called Department of Homeland Security. But it was not a “homeland security” issue, I’m sure. Just a bureaucrat exercising power because he could. I am routinely treated much worse by the US border officials than by their counterparts any anywhere else in the world. (That said, I am not always punished by delays and additional searches or detention. But in this case, the little weasel made it very clear to me that my answers to his intrusive and obnoxious questions were the cause of his punishing me.) Given that I can complain, I am sure that it is more unpleasant for non-citizens. Indeed, as I was waiting in the very long line for citizens, two people ahead of me noticed that the line for non-citizens was about one tenth as long. The lady ahead of me said, “Well, we’ve succeeded in scaring them away. Good job, Uncle Sam.” (That last was said with a tone of irony.)

  2. Have had kinda so much of experiences not only in the US Border while entering or going out. I was detained in two countries for stupid questions India and South Korea. SK officer was pretty rough on me…while I was dozing..he came questioned, checked and handheld scanned my passport three times. Ironically, I had a layover of six hours in Seoul Airport en route USA!

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