Mazar-e-Sharif and then the Road over the Hindu Kush to Kabul

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A trip to the Shrine of Hazrat Ali in Mazar-e-Sharif

My body guards

A truck lumbering up the passes of the Hindu Kush

Fetching cold water to cool the overheating engine in the high passes

A stop to wash fresh berries (bought from a child selling them in a village along the highway) in a cold mountain stream in the Hindu Kush

Just what it looks like

A quick passing shot of a German military convoy we passed (we had to wait a long time behind, as you don’t pass military convoys and they had a vehicle they had to tow; they finally let the cars pass). As a general rule, I try to avoid taking pictures of people with guns; they don’t like it, for obvious reasons

How you cross the river (on a suspended platform, with people pulling it across by hand)


An overturned lumber truck on a tight turn up the Hindu Kush

One of the many wrecked bits of Soviet military armor along the way

A farmer in his field

The high passes of the Hindu Kush

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