Off to Dushanbe!

…for the first public event of the very exciting and promising new Tajikistan Free Market Centre!

I’ll give presentations on Property Rights as a Foundation for Sustainable Economic Development and Sustainable Models of Economic Development and their Applicability to Tajikistan.

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4 Responses to “Off to Dushanbe!”

  1. Tajikistan has great potential and any serious effort will definitely will bring rewards in monetary terms. Tajikistan must be helped in reaching the twentieth Century. We are also trying to help Tajikistan by opening the route to Pakistan and Promoting Tourism from Pakistan to Tajikistan via Afghanistan.

  2. M.Khalid Ramizy

    The establishment of the new free market center for Tajikistan should play an important role for the strengthening of free trade and development of tourism in the region particularly between Afghanistan, Pakistan and India . no doubt that Tajikistan has great opportunities but free trade needs for free trade culture which NTFMC should work hardly to create this culture first and also it should be connected with other regional think thanks institutions such as AELSO and others for a better promotion of free trade and free market economy.

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