A Message of Peace from and to the People of Kyrgyzstan

“We are brothers and sisters, we are children of our beautiful land. We call all of you, kyrgyzstanis, to tolerance and peace, compassion and solidarity. We have to prove to everyone that we are united. Our friendship and brotherhood unites us! And we do not tolerate any more bloodshed, tears and suffering in our land. Protection of our country is our civic duty. Developing and maintaining friendship of peoples is the sacred duty of every person. We love our Kyrgyzstan. It is our home, our future, our homeland!”

We are Kyrgyzstanis!

If you want to support this campaign for peace and freedom in Central Asia, click here. Tax deductible donations can be made online to the Atlas Economic Research Foundation and 100% will be sent to support the work of libertarians in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia who are working tirelessly for peace, liberty, justice.


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