The Hayek Interviews — You’ve Got to Watch

The Francisco Marroquin University in Guatemala, which is a real world leader in online education and media, has just released the full Hayek interviews organized by Armen Alchian of UCLA after Hayek’s Nobel Prize in 1974. The interviews are searchable and you can quickly and easily jump from place to place. Congratulations to UFM for this achievement. (And I’m pleased that I had recommended for an academic internship at UFM this last year one of the people who worked on it, Alex Weller of Penn State.)

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4 Responses to “The Hayek Interviews — You’ve Got to Watch”

  1. A really wonderful thing. These interviews are worth a hard drive full of peer reviewed journals articles on Hayek.

    I remember in the 1980s when there was a single transcript of the Oral History available in the UCLA archive.

    And then in the 1990s a person had to go to the Hoover Archive to watch these videos — on VHS tapes.

    And now anyone in the world with an Internet connection can watch from their computer or smart phone.

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