Wow. Russia’s propaganda channel on….communism

From Russia Today

It reminds me of other utterly crazy and despicable attempts to dust off communist tyranny and try it “one more time”: for example, G. A. Cohen on Self-Ownership, Property, and Equality. (That essay and many others, including my essay on “Classical Liberalism, Marxism, and the Conflict of Classes: The Classical Liberal Theory of Class Conflict,” are also available in Realizing Freedom: Libertarian Theory, History, and Practice.)

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  1. You think this strange? Much weirder still is the propaganda organ favoured by America’s intellectual elite (I refer, of course, to the New York Times) profiling that selfsame group in the most lighthearted tone. I strongly suspect the above clip (complete with references to the Marxist board games) was inspired by this Nov 5th, 2010 piece.

    The opening paragraph:

    “IF communists have a reputation for anything, it is seriousness. (And if you have seen old photos of Karl Marx, you know that he did not smile much.) But at the Brecht Forum, a community center on West Street where revolutionaries and radicals gather daily to ponder and to pontificate, they also play. (Smiles abound.)”

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