Had a day of very fruitful planning meetings with Afghan libertarians. Off tomorrow to drive to a part of the country I’ve always wanted to visit. More meetings. (If I get interesting pics from the drive, I’ll try to post them.)

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  1. Devon Dewitt

    Fascinating. I just went tothe AELSO web site, which was informative, but I saw no mention of the war or the US military presence. What is their position on that?

  2. Roughly what one might expect. They look forward to not having foreign troops in their country, and they also don’t want to be ruled by illiterate brutes who hang people in soccer stadiums for victimless crimes or terrorize the population with unchecked violence. Their focus is not yours (partly because they don’t live where you live); they seek to build here the institutions and practices of civil society — the rule of law, property, toleration, freedom of religion and expression, without which there will be continue to be chaos, oppression, and poverty and — to your point — continued foreign intervention in their country.

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