I So Hope for an Improvement

For four years a young man I know was in prison for insulting the president of Egypt. I so hope that that president is booted out forever. I also hope that this expression of pent up anger, frustration, and energy after years of tyranny is not hijacked by other tyrants, of whatever sort. This is a time for Egyptian liberty and dignity, for Arab liberalism, for an order of equal justice and equal rights, of peace and prosperity, if ever there were one.

One Response to “I So Hope for an Improvement”

  1. I find it somewhat strange that many Egyptians seems to be happy that Mubarak is out and the army is in charge. Mubarak was the army’s man all along. The Egyptian army is tremendously powerful and wealthy, and I cannot believe that they will give it up. I expect an army or ex army person to be “elected” if there is an election at some point in the future.
    I also vividly remember people dancing in the street when the Shah was thrown out…

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