Arabic Libertarianism

A GREAT speech given April 8 at Tahrir Square by Dr. Nouh El Harmouzi, Director of

Rough translation: “My name is Nouh El Harmouzi from Moroccco, and I come to you with a message of respect, a message of dignity, a message of love, a letter of encouragement. I want to tell you that Morocco and the Maghreb and many countries look to your experience as an example, and we look to your revolution as a symbol to all the Arab world. I want to tell you that we hope and we want to see a strong Egypt, strong through a CIVIL state [e.g., not military and not religious] — an Egypt of FREEDOM. Thank you Egyptians for this valuable lesson for the Arabic world. I have one extremely important message to tell you. From the Moroccan people who love you and who want to follow your example: No negotiation for your freedom anymore! Pay attention to keep your freedom! Once again, I encourage you to create a CIVIL state [not military and not religious] and don’t let the politicians steal your freedom! The free Egyptian people can create miracles and can build a developed society. Viva Egypt! Viva the youth who made the revolution! Viva freedom!”

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