Some Essays in Chinese, Travels in Asia

This link contains various essays by yours truly, in Chinese, thanks to The Babel Institute. Any time my essays are translated, I am pleased that people that speak that language are able to read them. So, if you know anyone who speaks and reads Chinese, feel free to send this along to them.

Speaking of Asia, I will be there in the coming days. I’ll be heading to the Asia Liberty Forum in Kathmandu, Nepal. The event occurs from January 8th through 10th and will include a range of speakers and thinkers from all over Asia.

Later, on January 17th and 18th, I’ll be attending the First Annual South Asia Students for Liberty Conference. It will be held in Delhi, India, and should be a momentous event for liberty in the subcontinent. I’ll be joined by other speakers, like Barun Mitra, Ken Schoolland, Christopher Lingle, Jerry Johnson. If you’re interested in going, this is the Facebook page for the event, which has more details.

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