Southeast Asian Thoughts


Southeast Asia has certain been on the mind as of late. I am attempting to learn Thai, a difficult language with 44 consonants, 28 vowel forms, and 4 tone diacritical marks. This is certainly not going to be an easy task, but one that I am committed to. It is a beautiful country that I look forward to visiting again soon.

Nepal is another beautiful country that is currently going through a period of upheaval. A 7.8 rated earthquake struck in Kathmandu, causing thousands of deaths. I make a month donation to Mercy Corps, who have always done a great job ensuring that donations are used to maximum effect in disaster areas like this, but I made an emergency donation for the people of Nepal as well. I have great hope that the Nepali people will be helped in the immediate future by Mercy Corps and in the long-term by the freedom lovers at Samriddhi and Bikalpa.

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