Sources of Economic Insight

I mentioned some great sources of economic insight and understanding in a posting below, but I forgot to mention one of the best and richest sources out there, offers a remarkable wealth of sources, including a huge PDF library of now out-of-print (and very hard to find) texts for those interested in intellectual history and a wide range of contemporary columns by first rate economists who make the effort to communicate with the wider public. Here’s a recent column on the economics of “job protection” by one of my favorite economists, Anthony de Jasay, author of some truly wonderful books, including Justice and Its Surroundings(which I reviewed in the Vol. 22, No. 2 [Fall 2002] issue of the Cato Journal), Social Contract, Free Ride: A Study of the Public Goods Problem (which I reviewed in the Vol. 101, No. 3 [April 1991] issue of Ethics), and The State.

I hope that others enjoy and that they might take the time to introduce themselves to the graceful (and witty) analysis of Anthony de Jasay.

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