Evidence for Factual Claims

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I’ve raised questions about some claims (1, 2) made at Liberty & Power. They have to do with evidence. I’m not insisting that the claims are false; I just will continue in my state of not believing them until I see some evidence for their truth.

4 Responses to “Evidence for Factual Claims”

  1. You are bought by PNAC

    …showing your neocon colors again Tommy Boy. All the evidence I need is to look at all the dead Iraqis killed by US neo-imperialism. You deny that? Just like a neocon.

  2. Tom G. Palmer

    Well, whoever “You are bought by PNAC” is (and he or she has left a bunch of similar statements on my web site), the comment above is evidence of a lack of concern for evidence. He or she didn’t bother to read the claims, which were about whether Mexican immigrants coming to the U.S. habitually sell their organs and whether security contractors and U.S. military forces had come into conflict. There are words to describe people like “You are bought by PNAC,” but I’ll leave them to the readers to think up. (And how odd it is that the evidentially challenged person who posted that uses the same childish term that the late Murray Rothbard used to refer to me thirty years ago. Odd.)

    By the way, what is PNAC? If they’re sending me money, I’d like to know. — Ah, I just googled it. It’s the “Project for the New American Century.” The only contact I think I’ve ever had with them is when I debated their chairman a couple of years ago on the USA PATRIOT Act.

  3. Speaking of “factual claims” – check out this recent story about the former chief economist for the Dept of Labor who is now claiming Bush staged 9-11:


    OK, just another wacko. But here is the punch line: Guess where else Mr. Reynolds was pushed his crackpot stories about the Twin Towers being blown up by the CIA and the zionist neocons?

    Why LewRockwell.com of course!


  4. That’s a real pasting you gave those fellows. Why didn’t they just admit that they’d made claims they couldn’t support? It’s a sign that they were sloppy, but it’s a whole lot better than dragging it out, dodging the question, and still not providing evidence for some pretty dodgy claims.