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Pierre Garello

Pierre Garello, professor of economics at the University of Aix-Marseille and director of the Institute for Economic Studies – Europe, has just done a very good job of presenting an overview of the importance of classical liberalism to the modern world. He stressed the significance of principles to guiding action (it’s not the case that the fact that things are complex makes principles less relevant; it makes them more important, albeit often difficult to apply in concrete situations) and the unique contributions to problems of justice and social coordination offered by the liberal tradition, in particular, by the insights of Hayek regarding he fragmentary and dispersed character of knowledge, the tacit character of much useful knowledge, and the changing features of social orders. It’s refreshing to hear a presentation that starts with the basic question, not merely of what real liberalism is, but of why it is important and relevant to contemporary problems.

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  1. Tom G. Palmer

    I’ll ask Pierre. For now, I doubt that he has a paper. He’s French and consequently more given to spontaneous intellectual expression than Anglo-Saxons or Germans. (I admit that often my own lectures are based on some hand scribbled notes on a legal pad, rather than a written presentation.)