It’s So Crazy that Someone Had to Say It

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Did a Gay “Circuit Party” Anger the Gods?

One of the looniest commentators in America today is Don Feder, a syndicated columnist who has just informed us (September 19) that Hurricane Katrina was a “warning” about our decadent ways. In addition to happening “one week to the day” after the removal of Jewish settlers from Gaza (wow! exactly one week “to the day“), he informs us that

Katrina hit New Orleans days before the scheduled Southern Decadence – an annual orgy celebrating alternative death-styles, characterized by nudity and public copulation. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, welcomed the freak-fest with the following proclamation: “There is no place like this on Earth! Southern Decadence XXXII is an ex
event. We welcome you and know that you can anticipate great food, great music and great times in New Orleans.” Not to mention great sodomy.

Whoa…. Just days before! Man, if that isn’t a like, a real warning (especially coming one week to the day after that stuff in Gaza), I don’t what is.

(Hat tip: Dispatches on the Culture Wars, courtesy of a colleague.)

Addendum A friend pointed out that the headline on a local gay paper (run when I was out of town) was: “Katrina casualties include gay Southern Decadence.” If that isn’t superficial, I don’t know what is. (The editors evidently sought to make up for it by running a major story later on how to donate to those who suffered rather more serious losses due to the storm.)

9 Responses to “It’s So Crazy that Someone Had to Say It”

  1. I think Feder got it wrong. It’s easy to tell that God was really targeting states that vote for Bush. That’s why Florida was hit so many times. If it were just gays and Souther Decadence then we would have seen a hurricane that only hit New Orleans. What we say was the French Quarter spared the might of the storm while Baptist churches were smote to the ground. And now God is aiming for Texas, home of the Beast himself.

  2. Philippe Chamy

    Katrina–Zionist Collaborator

    Everyone knows that Katrina’s destruction and broken levees compose only part of a Zionist conspiracy to resettle the Palestinian people.

    The US Army Corps of Engineers–compromised by Mossad agents–knowingly permitted New Orleans to remain susceptible to the pending “big one”.
    With the local population displaced, and receiving massive government tranquilizers in the form of FEMA checks, New Orleans would then be available for the refugees of Al-Bireh, Ramallah, Gaza, the rest of Palestine–once the Israelis (read ISR-A-AY-LI) round up the Palestinian people (read BALESTINIAN).

    This plan to evacuate the Palestinians to Louisiana will be resisted as part of our Jihad.

    All the FEMA checks in the world will never block our march on al-Quds, eternal capital of the Palestianian people.

    Beside, there is nothing to do in Louisiana but drink beer and eat porkbased cuisine, such as gumbo and red beans, and both are expressly forbidden to us Mohammadeans. The Zionists will again fail.

    (The above is written by one of the NOLA evacuees AKA “Bad Brad” I am hosting at my Baton Rouge HQ (as we wait for that no good ‘ho’ Rita to pass by)–PC