Thank God the Congress is a Deliberative Body

“But unlike the real Klingons of Star Trek….”

Representative David Wu of Oregon has raised the level of debate in Congress.

Hat Tip: Reason‘s Hit & Run.

7 Responses to “Thank God the Congress is a Deliberative Body”

  1. Honestly though, this is a congressional speech that would actually grab the attention of an American audience that could give a rats ass about what happens in our gov’t. Or understands half of what is being discussed. People with a IQ of 130 and above aren’t the only ones who vote.

  2. Tom G. Palmer

    Good points, all. I just find it a bit … well, odd that in a speech before Congress such childish points would be made.

    I also don’t think that he really made anything clearer with references to “Vulcans” and “Klingons.” Had they actually clarified anything, the references would have been welcome.

  3. Damon is right; this is a great improvement over “support our troops, stay the course, everyone not with us is against us and pro-terrorist.”

    And Tom, I think the Star Trek metaphors *are* fairly clear. And there are likely more people who are regular consumers of Star Trek than, say, Foreign Affairs (even just among those with IQs over 130 — take that, anon.)

    But best of all in this clip is the new term “faux Klingon.” This gem is a fine replacement for the tired old “chickenhawk.” May this become the standard term for the Bush admin. foreign policy crew.

  4. Tom G. Palmer

    Well, points well taken. I was just struck by the term “the *real* Klingons of Star Trek.” But it’s true that it’s more intelligent than calling critics of the president “traitors,” which is how low the pro-war right has fallen.

    As to “faux Klingons,” they sound to me like the kind of problem that sweater wearers might face.