Lou Dobbsian Economics Put into Practice in Russia

Tough new laws limiting job opportunities for immigrants have been introduced in Russia.

One Response to “Lou Dobbsian Economics Put into Practice in Russia”

  1. I’m watching the HBO series Rome on a recommendation and it’s an awesome show. One thing they’ve been dealing with is how Julieus Caesar tries to govern once he defeats Pompeii Magnus. One scene has Marc Anthony delivering a mandate to a senator that all provinces will have a new requirement that no more than one third of all labor be non-Romans. Another scene has Julius Ceasar asking Augustus, his nephew, how he would cement the people’s loyalty if he were in charge. Augustus replies that he would start a massive public works program.

    I’m not a historian, so I don’t know how true these events were, I realize it’s just a show. But it does demonstrate very effectively that Keynesianism and Nationalism are about getting political support, and not about helping the economy. At least back then they were more honest about it.