A Very Small World

While waiting to go through security at Heathrow Airport this morning for my flight to Oslo, I heard a familiar voice that sounded remarkably like that of an Iranian libertarian economist who is heading up a new initiative I’m sponsoring. (It will be the Persian equivalent of Misbah al Hurriyya, the Lamp of Liberty, but Cheraghe Azadi.) I thought, well, maybe I’m just noticing the accent, but I did turn around. There he was! We had been in phone and email contact in the previous week about various documents we’ll be publishing in Farsi and I knew that he was going to be traveling in Bulgaria, but…I certainly didn’t expect him to be right behind me in the line at Heathrow Airport. I had the pleasure of meeting his delightful wife and we had coffee before we had to part. What a small world it is.

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