African Libertarianism


The Imani Center in Ghana is organizing a seminar in Accra on Inspiring African Transformation. I’m listed on the program, although sadly I won’t be able to be there this year. I am so happy to see my African libertarian friends doing so well. And I’m thrilled that the Cato Institute and Cato University* could co-sponsor this summer university with them.

Anyone who would like to contribute financially to the spread of peace and freedom and prosperity throughout Africa should drop me a note. I’ve got lots of contacts and plenty of ideas. They’ve tried everything else in Africa and now people are turning to something that actually delivers positive results: classical liberalism. Now is the time to help African friends of liberty to replace war and civil strife, statist dictatorship, and socialist impoverishment with peace, freedom, and prosperity.

*Cato U this year is set to have over 170 participants. It’s going to be a blast.

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  1. Tom G. Palmer


    Thank you! That’s easy to answer. You could do several things. One would be to donate it to the Cato Institute, to my attention (and that of David Archer, my colleague), with a notation or letter that it should be put into a fund only for Africa projects. If you’d like to donate directly to one of the African libertarian groups, such as IREN in Kenya, IPPI in Nigeria, or IMANI in Ghana, you could do that through the Atlas Economic Research Foundation (but you’d have to contact Atlas first) or you could do it through Cato, with a request that I use it to send them books, for example. But whatever you do, your donation would go into an Africa-specific budget line and it would be spent to promote libertarianism in Africa.

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