Hither and Yon

I’m leaving early tomorrow morning for England to teach at Freedom Week at Cambridge University, then back to the US for Cato University in San Diego, then to Germany for an IES Europe seminar, and then to Canada for an international meeting of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation. I expect to be wired into the world the whole time, though. The internet has made it impossible for me not to work, for which I am personally quite grateful.

3 Responses to “Hither and Yon”

  1. A dozen holes to go and the sun is high!

    For a year I dug holes in infertile Georgia clay under pitiless Georgia summer sun. Now THAT was labor! Handling posthole diggers and feeling the sweat pour down my back helped me to realize the value of higher education.

    Having attained a healthy aversion towards manual labor (Manuel labor in our part of the woods) I decided to go to graduate school. Letâ??s be politically correct and not use the L-word to describe rewarding intellectual process in a well-ventilated room.

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