A Great Approach to History

My friend Steve Davies, a truly wonderful lecturer on history, gave a great talk yesterday on the nature of history at this IES Europe seminar. A precis of it can be found in the January 2007 issue of The Freeman, “A Different Story” [PDF] [HTML].

3 Responses to “A Great Approach to History”

  1. Well, I say itâ??s expensive and difficult enough to teach the traditional view of history. Adding a second view and dealing with the consequences of stereoscopic vision of history that some kids will get will be expensive and ultimately counterproductive. Just think of how much more sophisticated marketing of everything from shoes to wars will have to become if the general education level rises!

    This knowledge is available to anyone who wants it, generally, this view of history will be taught in college, some will arrive at it on their own earlier. As the author mentioned, public schools are not out there for educating people.

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