Off Again

Cato University was, if I do say so myself, a big success. We had 179 participants and it went off without a hitch (well, one…..we got one name out of order when handing out the diplomas on the final night, but that was corrected). Whew. I got home late last night and now I’m packing for my flight in a few hours to Germany for an IES Europe program and consultations with some European libertarian colleagues.

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  1. Joe McReynolds

    A big success indeed. Checking around with the other Bastiat scholars as we headed our respective ways, everyone agreed it was a week very well spent. Many thanks to you and the rest of CATO for having us!

  2. Tom G. Palmer

    A quick check online (while I’m on the plane waiting to take off)…and what a nice surprise! Thanks, Joe. It was a pleasure to have you and I trust that we’ll stay in touch.

    Auf Wiederschauen!

  3. Chris Robertson

    I wish I could adequately describe the wellspring of positive emotions that I left with from CATO University but I am afraid that my novice command of the English language would fail to do this week’s experience justice. You have no idea how much this scholarship meant to me. The last few years of my life have been filled with doubt, the loss of a loved one, and confusion about my place in the world. CATO University has renewed my spirit and given me hope for the future of liberty and freedom.

    Warmest Regards
    *-Chris “Robbie” Robertson-*

  4. Thank you for your role in organizing the event. I paid the money without really knowing what to expect nor much familiarity with Cato, but with the hope that I could learn some things and meet some like minded people. My hopes were realized and exceeded.

    My readings on these ideas before had been primarily focused on our Founding Fathers, their influences, and Rand; I learned a lot and gained awareness of new directions to continue my study. I also made friends and talked with some very wise folks; one of whom’s conversation powerfully helped me make decisions in life crossroads I currently face.

    I met so many good people. I had thought that ideas of individualism could confuse people in their interactions with others and make them less “nice”. But there I met people who value people, and therefore respect them. The terms “civil society” and “liberty” have new meaning and sweetness for me.

    And to think about people throughout the world with whom these ideas resonate gives me increased appreciation and energy. I hope opportunities for these exchanges increase.

    Your combination of competence, strength, and compassion seems mostly unique in my experience. I’m glad to have met you.

    It was very impressive how well organized and thought out Cato U was. The faculty was great (and a great mix), and the lectures were complementary and very informative. I enjoyed the San Bernardo Resort and the food. Good job. I look forward to future events.

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