Shockingly Disproportionate Responses and Peaceful Alternatives

Olmert: Gaza operation may ‘continue for some time‘,” CNN

Maybe it’s time for the Israeli government to think about freeing trading relations, so goods and services could cross the borders, rather than rockets.

UPDATE: No doubt I was naive, but I did not quite realize that posting a modest statement in favor of trading goods rather than rockets would unleash such a barrage, not only of comments (some thoughtful), but of astonishingly vicious remarks from a variety of sides. I don’t think killing civilians is a moral or reasonable “solution” to the problems faced by Israelis and Palestinians, regardless of who is doing the killing. But I am deleting the comments (again, including a few reasonable ones) and shutting them off, to avoid having to sort through so many vile and disgusting statements about Islam, Judaism, and related topics.