Um…Interesting Hypothesis….I’ll Get Back to You on That….

Pravda.Ru: Barack Obama takes office as Republicans’ scapegoat

In Russian: ?????? ????? ???????? ????????? ????????

2 Responses to “Um…Interesting Hypothesis….I’ll Get Back to You on That….”

  1. Unfortunately there’s a ring of truth to this. McCain ran a disorganized and often incoherent campaign, the Bush administration’s response to the financial crisis was wildly erratic and almost certainly exacerbated it (every time Paulson & Bernanke made public announcements, they added to market uncertainty and triggered stock market declines), and — despite the rhetoric of Republicans and dreams of his supporters — Obama has picked centrist advisors who arguably don’t represent sharp breaks with the previous admin.

    Not to say I believe the Pravda hypothesis, but these days the news is so bizarre that it sounds about as sensible as anything else.

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