The Shape of the Future….

BBC: “Chavez sends army to rice plants

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has ordered the army to take control of all rice processing plants in the country.

Mr Chavez accused some firms of overcharging by refusing to produce rice at prices set by the government.

He warned that some companies could be nationalised if they tried to interfere with supplies of the grain.

Note that not being able to produce at artificially low prices is “interfering with supplies of the grain.” In other words, the grain just naturally grows, harvests, mills, packages, and distributes itself, unless greedy firms “interfere” with that natural process.

I’m getting a lot more worried about what will happen in the US, now that one of the very worst the big spending presidents and one of the worst big spending congresses in American history have left, only to be replaced by even bigger spenders. Will we be reading headlines like that about the US?

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  1. Well , when big U.S. based corporations set up shop in communist countries do they intentionally ignore the fact that the government in these countries have the final word on how the company will be run. At
    risk is the fact that most of these facilities scattered around the globe were financed at the expense of the american workers who enabled these corporations the profits to spend on these facilities just to have them potentially ’stolen’ from them by these same governments on any grounds they wish to contrive.

  2. The U.S. CAUSED the situation in Latin America you dolt, Chavez is cleaning up the constant mess that America had caused through structural adjustment policies and your neo liberal economics. Cargill, Del Monte and other corporations are raping you people from the inside out and shitting all over under developed countries, all the while spoon feeding you bullshit about improving the world through democracy, so sad that you dont even see it. Dont believe me? google things like The School Of Americas a.k.a The School of Assassins, Odious debt and your government installed dictators like Pinochett. What did FDR say about Somoza? (one of the most ruthless dictators to walk the Earth since Hitler) “He’s a son of a bitch, but hes our son of a bitch”, wake the fuck up America.

  3. Tom G. Palmer

    Whoa! The Chavez propaganda machine is working hard on a Sunday! Two comments within two minutes of each other. Cool. Thanks guys, for trolling the internet for mentions of the coup-leading (by the way, he did lead a military coup, did he not?) “Democrat” whose idea of democracy is complete power in the hands of one man.

    And yeah, Somoza was a son of a bitch. But he sure wasn’t “my” son of a bitch. The US should have stayed out of the affairs of other countries. In fact, he was the son of a bitch of Chavez’s counterpart in America at that time, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who tried mightily to erase democracy and to rule forever. After he finally died, the Congress did the right thing and limited people like that to a maximum of two consecutive terms, to save people from such would-be emperors.

  4. If everything is going so well in Venezuela right now, why is Chavez so afraid of the opposition that he shuts down their broadcasting companies and uses violence against opposition demonstrations. Oh no wait. I think I know the answer: the opposition is orchestrated by the CIA, right? Do you also still believe in Santa Clause? Or elves?

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