Realizing Freedom


I’m turning in the corrections to the galley proofs of Realizing Freedom today. I hope it will advance both the understanding of and the cause of liberty, not to mention reason, the rule of law, toleration, prosperity, and much more.

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  1. Cyril Morong

    You’re a smuggler? Did you wear a disguise like Patrick McGoohan did in the old “Scarecrow” TV show?

    See IMDB at

    Here is a synopsis:

    “A poor 18th century English coastal farming community survives the King’s ruinous taxes thanks to a smuggling ring created by its masked leader called the Scarecrow. The ring’s success leads King George to order the Royal Army’s General Pugh to capture and execute the ringleaders. It is a battle both of wits and action that the Scarecrow must win to save not only his own life but those of the men he leads while keeping the vital smuggling operation running”

  2. I’m very looking forward to this book. I already know that the ideas presented in it, will help me to formulate and structure my own thoughts and arguments in my papers and exams at college.

    Congrats dr. Palmer!!!

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