Weird, but Cool….

4 Responses to “Weird, but Cool….”

  1. Very cool… Thanks for highlighting this. Expect the projector/mirror combo to be replaced with a more “private” display, like a small display embedded in glasses.

    What does Mr. Harper think of this? Good in the hands of citizens, troubling in the hands of government?

  2. Wow! or Yikes! depending on who controls info input… and the operating system. It looked suspiciously like Vista…which would mean that my own naked brain, hemming and hawing and fiddling around, will be faster.

    More seriously, the potential to expand the power of thought and knowledge is a great thing; this is one of our three most important frontiers of inquiry. (The other two are rational ethics, and understanding spontaneous order.)

  3. Sci fi author Vernor Vinge recently wrote a novel Rainbows End where this type of technology (he calls it “wearable computers”) is in common use and everyone who is “wearing” inhabits an interactive virtual world of their own design. The visual interface in the novel is via virtual images projected on contact lenses. Very spooky.

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