“That’s what makes them so dangerous,” he said.

President Obama made that comment about the guns used by Mexican drug dealers. Well, yeah, I guess. But …. why is the pot and cocaine business heavily armed and violent, but the beer and tequila business is not? No cheating now!

A) People who come into contact with pot and cocaine are inherently violent.
B) People who sell pot and cocaine think guns are fun, but people who sell beer and tequila don’t.
C) Pot and cocaine are illegal and beer and tequila are not.

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10 Responses to ““That’s what makes them so dangerous,” he said.”

  1. Fred Evil

    You’re missing the official ONDCP answer,…

    D) Both A and B

    Legalize drugs, end the cartels forever, give the stuggling American farmer a ca$h crop, and tax the hippies so they can pay for our Universal Health Care, they’d be happy to!

  2. you forgot D. Pot and Cocaine destroy and kill and it is illegal for a reason. If they FDA allowed a drug freely that was addictive and deadly as cocaine you would be crying how incompetent they are. You cant have it both ways.

  3. Obama should keep a low profile there is way too much of him in the media, no good!

    He doesn’t look very good either, he looks cocky and immature and overwhelmed; especially when he cavorts across the stage down the halls of Congress like a real Leo, Ox! Is he over compensating for something ya think?

    Answer: Perhaps brains although I don’t know what genius could figure this mess out.

    Anyway drugs made legal??
    Humm, let’s see marijuana yes, cocaine no, heroin no, speed no!

    Will legalizing pot keep the Mexicans happy? Maybe, but the idea that it could possibly finance a Universal Health care, is a good one.

    I also think insuring our citizenship would be a good idea and faster and more widespread. Let’s start charging for that Social Security Card we carry in our wallets and putting insurance on it that pays out to the government when we die!! After all if they are going to give us health care and protection from identity theft and better prisons and the list goes on why not pay them back, fair? I would rather this then borrowing the money at high interest rates from ourselves! Rediculous who ever thought of this one should be shot!

    Legalizing pot would make for more absentees from schools and jobs and higher accident rates. It would also create jobs and who knows what else maybe even break throughs in medicine and in cancer?

    This could be a good thing it would also increase the need for insurance and for more civic responsibility.

    Citizenship should carry a cost at any rate the time of a free ride should be over and insuring Americans to create wealth is not a good idea it is a Great Idea! Let’s give a fresh start to our Social Security number system a new begining; allow all sorts of benefits to be included in the premium make it voluntary in the beginning there will be all kinds of participation and ideas. This idea combined with a flat tax is the way to go!!

    I think I like it! “Real Change” pass the peace pipe.

  4. Daniel you ignorant fool….Alcohol alone kill exponentially more people than pot ever has in the history of mankind….prohibition does not work….never has….never will.

  5. Fred Evil

    Yep, cocaine is deadly and addictive, so is nicotine, so is alcohol. To a FAR lesser extent, so is marijuana (mentally addictive, it is NOT phsycically addictive).

    LET PEOPLE MAKE THEIR OWN CHOICES, but hold them ACCOUNTABLE for their choices. Freedom isn’t free.

  6. I jsut don’t see very many cartels killign hoards of peolpe over marijuana. It takes ALOT of that drug to make any substantial amoutnof money. It is..to a degree.. in the same category of cigs and spirits. taht is, not really needed in life but he if you want to use it go ahead. I mean not toom many HIGH drivers have ever killed a newly wed couple on their honeymoon. But they have crowded ou parkign lots for far too long. DAMN those potheads for overlooking obviously open spots and driving around endlessley for no good reason. That is just annoying. SO wait, the gov’t could make BOATLOADS of money off of it, but than again or rush rush soceity woudl have to slow down a bit for the doobie-do’ers. I can live that.

  7. My Opinion

    How Free Are We?

    Right now (3/25/2009) I am watching this report about the kids being assassins for the cartels and can not help but notice the date on the tape is from 7-28-2006; which of course means that this is old news which is true. Another point that I would like to state is that they talk about Garcia being killed with his wife pregnant wife in the car. Not only do they fail to state that this happened in 2005 they also fail to state that Garcia was a high ranking member in the Mexican Mafia and was involved in the drug trade (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xu3Z8QqUgtE&feature=related) (start watching at 6:45).The truth is that this has been going on for a long time! So what is the advantage of bringing it up now and making a big deal about something that has been going on for years? As did many other people in school I read the book 1984 by George Orwell and realized, like everyone else did, that I would not want to live in that kind of world; but when I look at where we are today it brings up some unsettling similarities. I see people setting up cameras in their homes in the form of computers and phones that allow you to see the person you’re talking to. Do you really think that the government could not access those cameras and see into your homes? There is GPS being put into cars and cell phones which makes it easy to follow your every movement should the government choose to. Even while driving around in my car I see random video cameras set up around the city and also there are now cameras set up on the side of the highway that takes your picture and sends you a ticket if you are speeding. On the news they are saying Mexico may become a failed state but do not go into detail of what that means. It is a term is very broad and does not include details. The term “terrorists” is also being used to strike fear into people. Now I may wrong but I do see something that can very possibly occur in the near future and that is using the Mexican drug war to strike fear in American citizens in order to slowly strip away our rights to privacy and our freedom. I hear of making national ID cards and RFID chips will hold all of your personal information including finger prints and DNA data. I see us heading in the direction of 1984 and I think we need to stand up and look at what is really going on here. We need to stand united and not allow this to happen. It is your everyday, average people who are the foundation of this nation and without a stable foundation everything will fall. This is just my opinion on our current situation and I am practicing my right to freedom of speech. If you agree I encourage you to repost this in as many blogs and places possible and talk to family and friends about it. I am not saying I am right or wrong but just take my opinion into consideration with an open mind.

  8. Adam Allouba

    “If they FDA allowed a drug freely that was addictive and deadly as cocaine you would be crying how incompetent they are. You cant have it both ways”

    Daniel, it’s a bit presumptuous to invent,on someone’s behalf, an argument that’s inconsistent with something they actually said and then accuse them of wanting it both ways.

    The FDA doesn’t “allow” us to do anything – we’re “allowed” to do anything that’s not prohibited. That’s a basic aspect of common law. More to the point, the FDA shouldn’t have the right to prevent anyone from ingesting any substance they like, unless somehow it can be shown that there is a serious risk to others (say, abuse of antibiotics that leads to drug-resistant strains).

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