Java Juice….


I travel across a lot of time zones frequently (coming up…Kyiv to DC to London to Sao Paolo in a few days, with several nights spent on airplanes), so I use a lot of coffee to regulate my time. You get zapped for traveling with canned coffee through airport security (“Terror Coffee!”), so I travel with ….. (shiver) freeze-dried coffee crystals to ensure that I can get my morning fix. (My alarms on my cell phones wake me up and the first thing I do…after turning the annoying things off…is to chug some coffee.) I saw on the link to Java Juice. It’s pretty good, and the little packets make it past the airport security screening! (I’m enjoying some now in Kyiv, after a few hours of “sleep.”)

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  1. I took some of these on a 40 mile backpacking jaunt as my little guilty pleasure. There was something really nice about watching the sun come up over the valley with a good cup of coffee (although, I tend to appreciate any comfort on the trail).

    I am glad to know that they will work past Airport Security.

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