Kabul University

With Professor Nasrullah Stanakzai after our presentations to his law class at Kabul University Faculty of Law

I had some great meetings with the deans of law and political science and of economics, a number of faculty members, and the chancellor of Kabul University, where I gave a brief lecture on the role of property law in economic development (the “3 D’s”: Definable, Defendable, and Divestible) to the law class of Professor Nasrullah Stanakzai, who then gave a remarkable presentation on Afghanistan’s law of landed property.

Kabul students

4 Responses to “Kabul University”

  1. Mr.Palmer,
    Thanks for your presentation in our class in Economics faculty of Kabul University!
    It was really useful, the time was very short though! But I wish we have you many times with us and you give us more useful informations and presentations!

    All the best!

    Wahid Frogh
    Economics Student, Second Year,
    Kabul University.

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