Some Kabul scenes

I’m careful when driving not to photograph any military people (they tend not to like it) and I’ve not been in many places where I could just stop and snap photos, but here are a few:

Afghan mountain view

Photo 1: A view from a farm in a village I visited with a friend

Afghan Royal Palace 2

Afghan Royal Palace

Photos 2 and 3: The ruins of the former royal palace, destroyed during the civil war

Afghan Lunch
Photo 4: Lunch with some local businessmen.

P.S. We hope to publish books in Persian here and I’ll be meeting people tomorrow to get a program in Pashto going, as well. Frederic Bastiat is at the top of my list for both languages. (“The Law” and “What Is Seen and What Is Not Seen” are now available in Persian, from and our publisher in Suleimani, Iraqi Kurdistan, and I have delivered the electronic files for it to scholars here. I’m hoping to commission translations into Pashto soon.)

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