A Candidate Who’s for Limited Government


A while back I met a rising star on the Nevada scene, who’s now raising funds in consideration of a possible run for Mayor of Reno. He actually favors — in both heart and mind — limited government. A rarity, but real. He’s a West Point grad who saw first-hand the disaster of the political decision to invade Iraq during his two deployments there (he co-authored a serious military history, The Gods Of Diyala: Transfer of Command in Iraq); he favors personal liberty and responsibility; he knows the difference between being “pro-market” and “pro-business”; and he is committed to limiting government to protecting people from harm from others.

His name is Caleb Cage and he’s raising funds (mainly in small amounts, so feel free to help; I did) to make a difference. It takes a heap of money to step up, and he’s not pandering to special interests in his campaign. You can find more information or make a donation at CageForReno.com.

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