Takis Michas: Speaking Truth to Thugs

Takis Michas is a very brave Greek journalist who is not afraid to point out the idiocies of extremist nationalism and xenophobia and their awful consequences, especially in the Balkans.

He has suffered quite serious death threats for pointing out the craziness of threatening war over the name of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and now he is being sued for pointing out the presence of Greek nationalist paramilitaries in Bosnia during the Srebrenica massacre. Here’s an interview with him on the case on the website of the Congress of North American Bosniacs: “Greek journalist sued for writing about the presence of Greek paramilitaries in Bosnia

More on the case from the Srebrenica Genocide Blog.

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  1. So a bunch of less than one hundred idiotic greek volunteers, volunteering in some post at the serbian force(their alleged active participation to the massacre is doubtful), without the support of any greek central state aid, makes headlines about “Greek participation in Boznian massacres”, and justifies Michas asking an apology from the Greek state, awesome.

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