“Media Crimes”

CNN: “U.S. report: Chavez moving to silence media critics

Chavez’s government defended the draft of the bill, as well as the recent closure of the broadcasters, as being within the law.

The radio stations that were ordered off the air were all violating the law, either by operating with expired broadcasting concessions, failure to renew such licenses or illegally holding a concession, the Venezuelan government’s fact sheet said.

According to the document, “neither the regularization of the situation of radio and television (stations) that have been operating outside the law in Venezuela, nor the development of a law to clearly regulate subsequent imposition of liabilities in the case of serious media abuses are measures that limit freedom of speech in Venezuela.”

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2 Responses to ““Media Crimes””

  1. the revolution will not be televised by media corp. The neighbourhoods of Venezuela don’t care what the corporate squids have to say anymore, they blew their shot and showed their true colours with their greaseball Carmona and his coup generals in 2002 (Most now live in Miami, coincidentally).
    Zelaya was kidnapped via the same modus-operandi for trying to hold a vote (democracy, by the way).
    Chavez no se va!!!

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