Sunny Marseille


I got in to France yesterday, after a pretty awful flight (I had a two-year old terrorist next to me, who screamed and threw things for the entire flight to Paris). After a meeting and dinner with colleagues from India, Ghana, Morocco, and France, I managed to get a bit of sleep. I’ll be at the European Resource Bank here in Marseille, then go to Aix-en-Provence after that for the Summer University of the New Economics (the theme this year is “Markets and Morality”) and a Liberty Fund conference on “Universal Values and Cultural Pluralism,” with participants from China, Ghana, France, Lebanon, Morocco, Russia, Iraqi Kurdistan, the US, the UK, Brazil, Kyrgyzstan, India, Jordan, Malaysia, and Turkey.

It’s wonderfully sunny and hot here today, as it is most days. (You can just about see my hotel from the photo above; it’s very cheap and very basic, but hey, it’s Provence!)

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