Vegetarianism is Getting Easier

I admit it. I have a problem with killing living, fearing, perceiving, even thinking and loving things. They are delicious, but …. I don’t like killing them for food. (Or for sport or other reasons, for that matter. It’s the killing I’m not keen on.) Fortunately, capitalism is solving my problem. There are reports of “vat-grown meat,” which I heartily endorse. And the other day I went to Chipotle, which serves tasty food, especially — I’m a bit ashamed to admit it — really delicious pork (which was not raised in horrible concrete pens, but “naturally”). Lo and behold, they have a new vegetarian (technically, vegan) meat substitute, called “Garden Blend.” It was good!

I’m cutting down on my meat consumption. It’s not full ethical vegetarianism. I know that. But I figure I can eat well (and a little less expensively) if I cut down on eating the dead bodies of animals that were killed for me to feast on them. And the new “Garden Blend” from Chipotle makes it easier. Thank you, Chipotle! (Er, I already thanked you when I gave you the money for the burrito. So, instead, expect me back!)

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4 Responses to “Vegetarianism is Getting Easier”

  1. PJ, You’ll pay for letting the secret out. You should have stayed soylent!

    And for de Villiers, a question: what if the foie gras, snails, and venison could have been grown in a vat and you couldn’t taste the difference, so the goose would not have to be force fed and killed, the snail not fried alive, and the deer not hunted, terrified, and shot?

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