At the Range

I took off a few hours from my work today for something a little different. I went out to the Blue Ridge Arsenal shooting range today with a reporter from the Washington Post for some practice. He’s writing a story on the “right to carry” case in the District of Columbia (He had written a story earlier on the difficulties of obtaining a firearm legally in the District: “Get a Gun in D.C. — Do You Feel Lucky?: Not Just Strict Rules Test Your Decision“)

I let him shoot two of my firearms: the .38 caliber Smith & Wesson handgun that was the basis for my involvement in the initial lawsuit against the gun ban and then the 9mm Glock 26 that is the foundation of my involvement in the current case. He rented a .38 and was loaned another by a manager. It was good to get back on the range, not to mention to be able to buy some ammunition.

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