Beautiful Krygyzstan!

After a quite long and difficult trip (30+ hours and flights to Madrid, Istanbul, and Bishkek — Thank you, Eyjafjallajökull!), I made it to Bishkek and now have internet access. I’ve got some great meetings lined up with the CAFMI team and various friends in Kyrgyzstan.

A few exciting emails were waiting for me from friends and colleagues: Adedayo Thomas from is working with our colleagues in Ghana to organize the first Students and Young Professionals Liberty Academy in Tanzania at Dodoma University, and Anna Krasinskaya from reports that despite some volcanic-induced absences of both faculty and students, 30 Russian-speaking students managed to make it to beautiful Odessa for a special advanced seminar on cutting edge issues in classical liberalism, such as the rights of minorities in pluralistic states. (The essay contest and summer school on “?????????? ???????????: ?? ? ??????” (“Social Welfare State: Pros and Cons”) is accepting applications now.)

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