Liberty Advocate Named Acting Minister of Interim Kyrgyz Government

Emil Umetaliev

My friend Emil Umetaliev was just named acting Minister of Economic Development in the interim government of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. Emil is the founder and owner of Kyrgyz Concept, a pioneering private business (founded in 1990, before the USSR was abolished), and a member of the board of directors of the Central Asian Free Market Institute. He is a principled and honest businessman, an outspoken free trader and advocate of constitutionally limited democratically accountable government, and a teacher of the principles of liberty.

CAFMI’s Announcement

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3 Responses to “Liberty Advocate Named Acting Minister of Interim Kyrgyz Government”

  1. Tom G. Palmer

    He doesn’t live in the US, so some issues of concern to libertarians in the US would not be topics he would have thought about, just as most people in the U.S. rarely think about the serious problems of Central Asia. Emil is a friend of liberty and is struggling with a lot of hard problems to improve policies and laws in his country.

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