Rights: Classical Liberal vs. Social Democratic Conceptions

At the Free University of Varna

The IES Europe seminar in Bulgaria is going very well. The participants are a remarkably impressive group of students who are dedicated to the promotion of individual liberty, freedom of trade and travel, limited government, respect for property, toleration, and peace. The photo above is from my lecture on “Different Conceptions of Rights: Liberal and Social-Democratic.” (Some notes I handed out are available here.)

(Photo courtesy of Greg Rehmke.)

2 Responses to “Rights: Classical Liberal vs. Social Democratic Conceptions”

  1. As one of the participants at the IES Seminar in Varna I would like to thank Tom and all the other great teachers that shared with us their knowledge and experience both through interesting lectures and informal out-of-class discussions. We had a really good time learning important things and I want you to know that we will make our best to pass on everything we’ve learned.


  2. Tom,
    I think you are doing truly wonderful work in your lectures. Congratulations on the seminar! It sounds like it was a great success. I find it so impressive how receptive many eastern Europeans have been toward classical liberalism. It augurs well for the future. There is growing a great generation of classical liberals from there, and it is a thrill to see their minds awakening.
    Ken Gregg