Gentleman, Scholar, Economic Pioneer

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Israel Kirzner

Following on Johan Norberg‘s siting, I’d like to join Johan in recommending a new (English-language) element of the Portuguese classical liberal website Causa Liberal that brings together web texts by or about the economist Israel Kirzner: Kirzner Links. Kirzner has done more than anyone in the past fifty years to understand and explain entrepreneurship. If one reads only one esay by Kirzner, I would recommend “Competition, Regulation, and the Market Process: An “Austrian” Perspective“; if only one book by Kirzner, it would have to be his excellent Competition and Entrepreneurship, which has also just appeared in French as Concurrence et Esprit d’entreprise. (The essays by Kirzner are always brilliant; some of the commentary made available on the Kirzner Links is less so, but that’s to be expected.)

3 Responses to “Gentleman, Scholar, Economic Pioneer”

  1. I thank you for mentioning Kirzner Links.

    Professor Kirzner is a brilliant economist whose work is, infortunately, know to only a few people.

    Besides your recomendations I’d like to mention one that is a good introduction to Kirzner’s theory on entrepreneurship. It’s “How Markets Work” and can be easely bought trough the Institute of Economic Affairs (

    In neoclasical ecomics the firm is considered a “black box” that no-one knows much about. Prof Kirzner’s opened that box to us.

  2. Thanks for posting the Kirzner links! I was unaware of this site.

    Israel Kirzner is easily one of the most brilliant economists I’ve ever met (he was my doctoral advisor at NYU). Additionally, he’s also one of the most genuinely decent people I ‘ve ever met — a truly great man.