Evil or Crazy Person “Smears” Self

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Sick, or What?

Antiwar.com Senior Editor and Lewrockwell.com Columnist Jeremy Sapienza has once again given everyone an occasion to “smear” him by…quoting him. He recently headlined an essay as follows:

A Grim Milestone — 159,000 US Troops Remain Alive in Iraq
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Another occasion that Mr. Sapienza gave to “smear” him by quoting him was when he wrote:

“I will stand up proudly for it. I have cheered on men attacking US troops. I will continue to cheer any defeat US troops meet.”

If William Kristol and other neo-conservatives had tried to invent people to discredit their critics, they could not have done better than the kind of trash that antiwar.com and lewrockwell.com have dredged up. What a truly sickening display of how far someone can go off track — from “the state is an enemy of liberty” to “any enemy of my state is a friend of mine.”

(I mention the “smear” charge because when Mr. Sapienza is quoted, his defenders at lewrockwell.com and antiwar.com insist that such quotations — with links to his expressed opinions — are “smears.”)

UPDATE: I just had a chance to settle in to my hotel room in Portland, Oregon when I checked my email and found one insisting that Mr. Sapienza isn’t a columnist for lewrockwell.com. Sure enough, his name cannot be found on the list. I’ll respond to some of the comments later, but I did have the foresight to take a screenshot of the list of “Columnists and Commentators” before posting the column above. Here it is. And just in case Mr. Sapienza gets dropped from the masthead of the antiwar.com and sent down the memory hole, here’s a screenshot of the antiwar.com masthead taken at the same time the material above was posted. Had the neo-conservative warhawks set out to do it deliberately, it would have been an astonishing accomplishment for them to have invented personas more likely to discredit the cause of non-intervention and peace than Justin Raimondo and Jeremy Sapienza.

One Response to “Evil or Crazy Person “Smears” Self”

  1. Jeremy's Ghost

    “But really, which is the ‘murderer’: the one who favors killing all of the coalition troops, or the one who opposes it?;”

    The latter. Since the troops are killers, cheering when they die is pro-life; wanting them to remain alive is pro-death. So simple.

    “the one who favors a defeat of the coalition troops and their massacre and a victory for Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and the Baathists,”

    Wow I’m not sure how many more times Jeremy could have said he does not favor a victory for the terrorists and Ba’athists. You people never stop the lie and smear machine. Breathtaking.

    “or the one who favors support for the democratic process of resolving differences and a timely withdrawal of foreign troops?”

    And then you woke up. The violent occupation of Iraq against the will of the vast majority of its inhabitats will not encourage peace or reconciliation and certainly not (how laughable!) democracy. The resistance (note the distinction between “foreign fighter” types and regular, fed-up Iraqis – if you will permit yourself a minute of honesty) is fighting the US occupation, and the terrorists are taking advantage of both the occupation and the resistance to cause chaos and embroil the US military in Iraq for years to come. And that’s EXACTLY what al-Qaeda AND the neocons want. Convenient!